Menu close on mouseout

How can I get a dropdown menu to close on mouseout?
It opens on mouseover - very nicely. But it remains open after that and I have to click on the menutiltle to close it.
Is there something I missed?
Is it a bug?
Or something (not yet)supported?
Thanks in advance,


Please be more precise with the problem. Is it related to this topic?
Submenus for mobile

Normally on mouse-out the menu closes. On a touchscreen device it might be different.

Mr. F.

Thanks Mr.F.,
it’s not mobile related but desktop also because mouseover/mouseout is not working on mobile.
I’m in preview mode on Safari, Firefox and Chrome, all give the same results.
In the layers panel, the menu is on top.
Happens also when exported as offline compatible to disk.
There is no space between the items in the menu. When there is, I have the same problem.

made a new testsite.
problem only occurs with the Vertical Menu.
not in the horizontal, not in the mobile hamburger menu.
possibly a bug?

Got it. I can rebuild this.
And i assume it is related to my earlier topic with the mobile vertical menu.

Mr. F.

Vertical menus that have infix expansion will not autoclose on mouse out, because it causes the menu to jump around in some cases and makes it impossible to navigate. For mobile I strongly suggest using full screen scrollable popups, as per our documentation: