Menu - how change page link?

Hi all,
I’ve hit a puzzle with regard to the menu and link-to-pages.

I’ve had our website up for a bit and have just added another product so needed to update a page. I did this by duplicating the original page and modifying the copy. Once the previews looked good across all devices, I wanted to change any links from the menus and other link buttons to the replacement page.

But I found some inconsistency on being able to change “LINK TO PAGE” on the menu. On some menu items it was information only. On others it is modifiable via ON CLICK with options. I could not see how I had set this up initially to lock or allow changing the link-to-page. Odder yet, the menu link to the original page is locked but the added menu item to the replacement page (copied and modified from the original page) is NOT locked. This implies it has nothing to do with the menu item’s page setup. yes / no?
btw: I have NOT selected auto-add-pages.

note that I had renamed the original page with a prefix of OLD …, the menu link-to-page changed to reflect this.

So my questions are:

  1. how can I unlock a locked menu item page link?
  2. why are some menu item go-to-page links locked and some are not?

my lesson learned :face_with_monocle: is to change pages directly (not to duplicate and modify copy or at very least to modify the original and use the copy as a reference).

Here are some screen shots to show the situation.

I’d appreciate any advice. Thx


Hi NeotropicGarey,

Before I offer an solution I have a question:

Q: When you say ‘Locked’ are you referring the the greyed out items in your menu or the items that were been added when you had Auto-add pages checked?


Hello Chris,

thanks for getting back to me.

this shows the LOCKED field of concern <menu - to original page.png>

and this shows it as changeable

<menu - to replacement page.png>

best regards,

Carey Lee
p.s. I also mistakenly replied via email… sorry

again here are the marked up screen shots
this shows the LOCKED field of concern

and this shows it as changeable