Menu links not working

I built my first Sparkle website. No problems with moving around it was fast and easy. I built a one page site in English with a French translation and a link to an external reservation script. The problem is that the Menu links do not work. I had to end by placing a top button with a URL in order to get some kind of navigation to work. I believe this is a bug and not my error, Is there any trick to make the menus work?
I purchased the pro version and I also don’t see a way of receiving direct support. I filled out a little form on the website twice but got no answers.

Thank you for your help

Hi @netgifted and welcome onboard.

Usually if you use the email address you’ll get @duncan on the other end. Usually Duncan would have you send him across your project to take a better look at it.

If you were to post your website link here one of us could take a quick look and give you further advice, but if you believe it to be a bug talking to Duncan is your best bet.

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It could be that there is a hidden element covering the navigation not allowing it to fire.

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