Menu / not logical bahaviour when unfolding

First … thanks for the great update to sparkle 3, this is really a good one!

I imagined that when creating a menu which could be unfold & collapsed the behaviour isn’t logical.
When I move the mouse over it will unfold, but when I remove the mouse it doesn’t collapse again.

So, it would be more logical, if you can set it up, like
mouse over = unfold
mouse off = collapse


click = unfold
click = collapse

otherwise the user is confused if mouse over unfolds and click will collapse

and it would be great to see a menu like this: Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-21 um 09.04.30

Hi @lqud, the collapsing of vertical menus is due to bad interactions on touch devices, making it impossible to use there. It’s only one of the several flyout styles for submenus, so you can use one of the others.

That style of menu is possible using the new popups in Sparkle 3.

@duncan many thanks. I see. Will check out the pop up function