Menu Not Working On Only One Page

Hi there. I am finally live with my website ( but the menu isn’t working on the blog page. Its finally showing up, but when you click it, nothing happens. All other pages are ok. Thanks!

Actually, it might just be the Services button now.

Hey @Melissa, congrats on the new site! We have a few more blog-related bug fixes coming soon, sorry about the trouble. Feel free to get in touch via email for the specifics:

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Hello @Melissa

Beautiful website! :+1::blush:
Great colour scheme and clear design.

@Shadowfox Thank you SO much! It was a lot of hard work and yours is the first feedback I’ve gotten!

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Not that I need marriage counseling, but the site is beautifully designed. The color scheme is very tasteful and goes well with the theme.

Mr. F. (almost 20 years married - with the same wife :smiley: )

Yes! I’m so glad to hear of your happy marriage! 20 years! That’s great! Thank you for the feedback!

@Melissa, Overall a very well thought out website with an engaging colour scheme! :slight_smile:

I have a few suggestions that I have emailed to you! :)…

All working now Melissa. Congratulations on a clear, uncluttered design. Really like it. Now I’ll try to convince one of my non profits this is the way to go.

@Woodrow Thank you! Yes I definitely recommend it. It works so well as a working and live document. I love having this much control over my website!