Menu Placement within element?

I have pages designed with a series of layout blocks. The top one (top of the page) would include the page / site title, and the menu. While this is more or less working, my overall implementation of the Menu is going to need completely re done. There are a lot of things I learned and read along the way which need to be fixed on the menu.

Before I do that, should I begin on the Home page, and move my layout blocks down a little, and put my page header / menu elements OUTSIDE the layout blocks. Prior versions had people place a wide box, and place the header info / menu within that box, and then group those items. For this to work site wide, I would have to delete the current top of page layout box on each page to make room for this.

Does that sound like the right approach, or should I remain within the first layout block for the top Menu? What would be the ‘best practices’ approach.

One of the issues that comes up with the first layout block, is that the menu ends up at the bottom of the stack (inside the first layout block, which moves DOWN every time I add another) while the menu is supposed to be at the TOP of the pile. I have to move the menu back to the top all the time.

On this menu, I will let Sparkle place it automatically on every page, and only edit the version on the Home page. I will have two versions of the menu, one for wide screen, and one for 320px.

Thanks, Craig

I usually only use layout blocks for the page body, not for either the header (which I set to be on every page) or the footer (which I set to move with Page Bottom while also being on every page). Structurally saying, your layout blocks should be easily visible, either for you that knows the backend and for the users as well.