"Menu" showing up behind Hamburger-menu

The site I recently made with Sparkle is up and running and all concerned are happy with it (including me :wink:).

But one thing was missing: layouts for tablets, so I wanted to add these. While adding the Hamburger-menu in that layout I noticed something I haven’t seen before: the word “Menu” is showing behind the hamburger.


I can get rid of this by replacing Menu with a space, but will this have drawbacks elsewhere? And why is this happing in the tablet layout, and not elsewhere?

@REBB, Sorry never seen this before so I’m wondering if it is the desktop navigation you are seeing behind the tablet hamburger navigation you have placed? If this is the case you will need to hide your desktop navigation on your tablet device…

The default for the “menu” word is transparent color, that can happen when you change the transparent color well to a different color. Just be sure to pick transparent again.

@ duncan: you were right, the font somehow was grey and not transparent, but I’m sure that I didn’t set this.

Just changed it to transparent, and Menu is still showing, so it seems to get weirder and weirder.