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I am in the process of making the menu for my site. I would like to make the item visible in the menubar link to a page, but also have drop downs from it that link to other pages.
The documentation seems to suggest this isn’t possible, but I have seen a site where this is working (, and wondered whether there is any other way of enacting it in Sparkle?

Beautiful website!
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@vk2003, At the moment you are unable to have a main menu link highlighted indicating the page you are on, but you can have a title for a group of pages in the menu that when hovered over drops down.

To achieve that you will need to create “Sections” in Sparkle and drop the pages into that named section. So if the section was named Alpha, and you placed in pages a, b, and c then this will show up as the main menu link named Alpha and when hovered over will have pages a, b, and c drop open.

Thank you Hendrick @Greenskin

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Nice site. I have a similar problem.
I would like to display the menu only as characters and not in a button-box. Does someone know if it is possible (also with the hover-effects). Maybe a silly question, but I didn’t find out. Thanks

@geneprofi, If I’m getting what you are saying you have a couple of options…

With your auto navigation when you click on a navigation link like About Us, you will notice on the right-hand panel that you can change the links background by “Content / Image”. So you can place an image instead, and I guess you’d have to make the font colour transparent.

The other way is to use the Google Font called “Dripicons-V2”, allowing you to place an icon instead of a letter. This font you can find in your All Fonts panel on the right-hand side next to your font style under the “+” icon.

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Wouw, thanks a lot greenskin, that is really simple and easy, I never thought about putting the box in transparent… Great. Thanks

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@greenskin …another question in this matter: Is it then possible to have different menu options for different devices. I explain why: in mobile «having transparent» fields the user cannot see it… This would be great if I could define different appearances for different devices.

@geneprofi, Yes very much so across all the breakpoints that you have created!..

We will take your mobile navigation on your 320 device. Just click on the mobile and then proceed to your say 768 device and then go across to the right-hand panel and click Arrange tab / untick “Show on this device”.

So with this method you can introduce extras to an already finished website but hide it on all the devices you don’t want to show it on. So you can have a main navigation for your 960 device, another one for your 768 device which you have hidden on the 960 and the 320 device, and a mobile navigation on your 320 device which you hide on the 768 and 960 devices…