Menu wont stick

My menu will not stick to the top of the page. I have tried using both methods on the help page but I dont even get the group option. Any ides what I’m doing wrong

Hi @dalberg, please more detail? What have you tried? Screenshots of the group settings?

tried using the menu button and created a new menu. tried a large text box with small text inside
but i never saw the group settings on the side.

@dalberg, Have you tried selecting the items you want grouped and then right click on them and then select “Group”?

yes, when you say select do me they will change color so you know its selected? If so that dowes not happen when I select them

@dalberg, Yes their container edges light up blue. Also be aware of the layers.

To stick your navigation to the top of the page I would do the following…

  • Clear everything away around/behind your main navigation
  • Drop either a Box or a Wide Box onto the canvas and place behind your main navigation
  • Then select the both of them and right click “Group

Once you have done this your right-hand panel will give you the parameters in how your group can behave. By selecting “Stick to page top” you will have your main navigation sticking to the top of your browsers. After this select your Group again and make sure its placement is Front making sure everything else passes below it.

how cam\n you select two things at once?

@dalberg, By clicking on the first and then holding down your “command” key and then click the second (and so forth), or you can take your mouse and click-drag it over the containers you want to select together.

Ive tried everything it still doesnt work. I will live with it not sticking. Thanks for the help

Sometimes the shortcut “command + click” do not work properly in every application on my Mac if I want to select more than one item. So I use “shift + click”.
Perhaps it works.
Good luck.