Merging Sparkle web

How can I merge two Sparkle web sites?
Coping and paste any single page doesn’t work well (doesn’t work for the links and the download file).
The only way seems to put the two web sites in different folders and play with external links.
There is some problem with the menu in the home page that doesn’t contain the list of the other web page.
Is there any other way?

I don’t have a nice solution for you. Last year, my website was in 28 different Sparkle files and I merged them into one file, slowly and painfully. I used cut/paste extensively. When I was done, I used Scrutiny app to find broken links that were not resolved.

One piece of advice: make sure that you decide on a final header and footer design before you start the merging.

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Very sorry @PaoloPa (and @habboud), but yeah no easy way currently. We do need to improve on this.

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