Mess with layers after group/ungroup elements


When I put several elements (text, images, colored box) on different layers, for example a colored box behind the text and an image on top of it, the following happens. I group everything, copy it and paste it elsewhere.

Then I ungroup it and what was once behind is now in front. The result is a wild mess. I have to reposition everything. This is annoying.

It happens with the original and with the copy. Every time.
Can anyone reproduce this?

Mr. F.

Hi Mr_Fozzie,

I reproduced the effect but the result was not as bad, no mess but reversed order of group elements.


Hi zbr.

Yes, that’s what i mean. The positions remain the same, but i have to arrange the elements again to back and front. Probably a bug in sparkle.

Mr. F.

I could swear we fixed this multiple times, there must be some specific edge case that’s eluding us. Maybe try again in Sparkle 4 (when it’s out) and let me know if it still happens there.

The problem is still there. Version 4.0.3

Mr. F.

Looks like this is fixed in 4.0.4


Mr. F.