Meta tag in the head area

Hi everyone,
Where do we insert meta name in sparkle like the example below.
Should be in the head area I would imagine.
I’ll be back for more questions, no worries …:smile:

It’s not currently possible. It also has no benefit from a search engine point of view. Why do you need that?

Hi Duncan,
It is now on my existing website that I will replace soon with the Sparkle one.
So, you think I don’t need this? At the time, my website was hosted by yahoo in California, (I’m in Toronto) now my hosting company is in Canada, so probably I don’t need that geo location anymore. Do you think I need that meta name author?

Thanks Duncan.

@o4n, Maybe this article can further clarify things for you regarding the meta “location” and “author” -

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Thank you for that article.
Very interesting and informative.

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