Migrating files to SparkleApp 3.0

Hi everyone.

Upgraded to 3.0 Pro and loving it :+1:
However, unable to open Sparkle2 files which contain FTP info, Google pixels etc which I’d like to retrieve.

Is converting old Sparkle 2 files to Sparkle 3 possible ?

Or alternatively possible reinstall Sparkle 2?

thanks in advance

And a little more information…
I’m running OS Catalina 10.15.7 and Sparkle 3.0.6

Grateful if anyone can help with this!

@RobW, I think it is best to contact @duncan at feedback@sparkleapp.com and let him know what your issue is…

Hi @RobW, that’s unfortunately a bug in macOS on some systems. What seems to solve it is to delete Sparkle and download it again.

Hi Duncan,
Thanks so much for your help - a simple re-install did the trick. Now all my previous projects open in 3.0.6 - Great :+1:

Thanks Greenskin.
Duncan was indeed the man with a plan :muscle:

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