Migration project SMPL

Hi, I recently finished the migration of our website to a newly Sparkle created site. Check it out @ https://smpl.international.

Curious about what you think. If you find glitches or bugs, please let me know.


Well done site, Maarten, looks good. Works fine. My only complaint is that there’s a lot of text to scroll through. Yes, you have some colored sections to break it up, but still…. It’s a lot of text, text, text.

What if you inserted a photo along the way? Perhaps a testimonial for your product from different people?


Like the colour scheme and the general design - it looks clean and sophisticated. However, I’m not a great fan of using what is essentially decorative text (particularly when it’s fully justified and contains characters of different sizes) for body text that is intended to be read. Of course, that is a purely subjective issue, but from my perspective, it doesn’t aid readability. Also noticed that the site cannot be translated using modern browser translation options. This may not be important to you, but it does suggest that something may be amiss with the text. Here is a screenshot of the translation option from another Sparkle site.

And here is screenshot of the available options from your website:

Just a heads up, some text on the blog page is jumbled.

Hello Maarten, greetings from Assen, Like your site! It’s always amazing to see what one can do with Sparkle and give it an own style. It’s a lot of text , but from a commercial point of view it seems not necessary to read all.
Especially I like the way you presented the zooming testimonials. As far as I could see in the page source I presume you did it in Sparkle itself. Could you please explain how?

Hi Ben,

it implies a lot of duplication and changing the timing. Once done changing something is a lot of work. But it works. For clarification I added some screenshots. Hope it explains how I did it.

mmm, cannot find the problem. Files seems to be OK. Thx anyway.

About translation: what could I have done wrong? Is there any setting that I need to change?