Mise à jour site

Hello everyone,
I made an update to my site made with sparkle. There are no visual effects, but I try to make it as sober as possible and easy to navigate.site web
Thanks to Duncan, for the work and the ergonomics of the application!


If there were awards for the best Sparkle site… this would be up there. Solid! Sober! Great!

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Personally, I prefer websites without visual effects, especially when it comes to portfolio sites.

Can I just say, I really like your work. Well done.

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Merci beaucoup pour ce retour !

Merci beaucoup pour ces appréciations !

Wauuuu!!! Muy buena presentación y excelente trabajo!! Enhorabuena, sobre todo por el excepcional trabajo mostrado toda una fuente de inspiración.
Como dato, decir que con el traductor automático de google, se traduce perfectamente a español, sin errores en las cajas de texto.
Saludos, he pasado un rato estupendo visitando la web.

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The Design is great, the only thing you should consider is installing an ssl certificate, this is important for Google for example.

Best regards



Hello and thank you very much!
This is a question I ask myself. 3 years ago I switched from Muse to Sparkle, I redesigned my site entirely with device variants. I gained a lot of visibility on google. I also think that the SEOs managed by sparkle are very effective, since I have professional contacts throughout the territory (France). Maybe there is still more to do!

Thank you very much for this feedback !!!

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:+1: Very cool! But you need a new certificate:
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