Missing Graphics after Publishing

I just published a site after having worked with it on a temporary staging site, where everything worked great. After officially publishing it to the client’s server today, several graphics are missing. I’ve tried republishing and refreshing pages but apparently something more is going on that I don’t know how to address.
The URL: fennellspring.com

Hello :wave:t2:

That’s strange. I went to your site for the first time and some images were missing. When I refreshed the page, they appeared and have been visible to me on Safari ever since, but they are still invisible on other browsers…

What you can try to do is log in to your client’s server to delete all the files of the site and republish it afterwards. That might work. :warning: Be careful not to delete files from your hosting provider. If you’re unsure, it’s better to contact them.

Yes a strange one. Just to help out I have used other browsers and I always see all images on your website, so I’m wondering if it is a browser cache thing?

The other thing it could be is you don’t have an SSL Certificate against your domain name. Having one is a must nowadays because browsers are doing funny things when you don’t have one!..

In case someone finds this in the future, a common issue with Microsoft IIS servers is they are not configured for several file extensions that are in common use, like webp images, svg vector files, woff/woff2 font files. It’s like IIS is stuck in the 90s. Anyway the real issue is IIS won’t just serve the file as is, it will produce an error, so the images and fonts won’t load.

The fix is to add a web.config file at the top level of the website, using the web host control panel.

This was mentioned here for example: