Missing images after publishing site

I just published my third website using Sparkle and for some reason, 90% of my images are missing. I’ve never had this problem before so I’m not sure what is different with this site. I’ve read several threads about the problem but I’m not seeing an answer that doesn’t involve “looking under the hood.” I’m using all JPEG or PNG images that worked fine on the older site so I don’t know how to trouble shoot the specific files.

You can see the site here: www.woodbrookhome.com if you read this before I put the old site back.


Yes your website is spitting out a lot of 404s with your images, especially the webp.

Have you added something to your website external to Sparkle? There is a warning that something on your site is slowing down the loading?..

Not sure what you mean by your question - I haven’t added anything. The original site was working fine. I used the same images for the new Sparkle site so I don’t know how to fix this issue. What should I be looking for?

I wasn’t aware that any of my images were webp. Or is that a function of Sparkle? Should I change the file formats from JPEGs and PNGs to webp instead?

@pollysmithblackwell, Just check by going to your Settings / Images and untick “Generate webp images”. Then re-publish your site. If that doesn’t improve things for you it would be best to get hold of Duncan at feedback@sparkleapp.com