Missing “show to all users” / “only logged in” option for pages without a password protection

Hello everybody,

Since update 4.2 I’m having the following issue with Sparkle :
The option “show to all users” / “only logged in” in the arrange tab has disappeared for the pages without a password protection. In Sparkle 4.0 this option was available.
This is really annoying because I had designed my website to show some different informations on the home page when users are logged in (for exemple in the menu it had an additional “log out” option, but no more “log in” option…)
Am I missing something ?

Thank you very much for your help !


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Sorry about that, you are right it should be in all pages. We’ll fix it asap.

Would that work? Or in other words, is it possible to hide elements for certain (logged in) visitors on a page that is not password protected?

I can’t follow this logic right now.
How would the settings have to be set to achieve the desired effect?

The main purpose is to show a logout button to a logged in user, but anything can be shown.

The elements are hidden on the server, so it’s not just a cosmetic thing that is bypassed by looking at the page source.