Missing something in the Business-information page

Hey there,
I’m Thalie, living in Germany and new to Sparkle. I have a webpage created with Sandvox and am busy moving it over, which is not easy, as not everything works like I would wish it. As I have been testing software on practicability, I thought about using my experience to help the creators of Sparkle to make it even better. While searching for a solution to avoid the Mac blocking totally because the 450 MB file bloats up to crazy 54 GB!!! when working with it (I have a 2017 MB Pro which should be good enough for the job, and see that as a massive problem), I found something tiny but very ennoying:

Being in the Page Setup Section, you have the business information. There is no possibility to not choose one of the business types given. Can you imagine that some people do not run a job agency (it’s alphabetically the first thing shown in German), nor any other points there. In fact I do not run a business, I am a small dog breeder and this is not considered as a business at all. I do not want either to show an address there, nor any other private information. The dropdown field with the “Business type” choices should offer the possibility to let it empty or at least the option “Other”. It would be great too, to have a simple radio button to confirm, that you want to leave the adress empty (o I want to have my address shown / o I do not want to disclose my address) It is clear to me that it will not be taken in account if I do not fill the fields in, but as my experience shows, enough people will not get the point and will feel better with having the choice. Hope that helps.

Well, I will continue to look how to solve my Gigabyte problem, as if I cannot solve it, I will not be able to finish my pages…

Happy new year to everyone

Sorry about the high memory use, it’s a bug that affects some projects, fixed in the upcoming 3.0.7. For the time being you will have to close and reopen Sparkle when memory grows too much.

You can not use local business if it does not apply to you. The categories are created by a committee (schema.org) that’s funded by search engines, so the categories are what they care about, not something we control.

Likewise for the address. The local business information is of interest to search engines trying to produce relevant results for people at their geographical location.

Again, you are not required to use the local business information.

Thanks for the quick answer Duncan. Great that you managed to fix the problem, I had found the fix by testing and as soon as I hear the fan running nuts, I close the app and restart it. Helps :slight_smile:

I did not know abourt the rules for the local business, it’s interesting and makes sense. Maybe my question will help other people.

I am working through my site - more than 70 pages - and am getting quite comfortable with Sparkle. You did a very good job with that app. I guess that the biggest piece of trouble for me will be the menus :joy:. Did not find a Sitemap option but the automated Searching field is great!.