Mobile Animation problem

Let’s say we do a tile design, on desktop it’s 4 tiles horizontally and we want to do animation on the tiles each one later than the previous one. But on mobile the layout is 1 horizontally so the animation on the tiles take a lot to start because they are outside the viewport. It’s there a way to make all the tiles on the mobile version make the animation when the page is loaded?

I can’t quite visualize the setup you refer to, but if you need a different mechanism for mobile you will need to use hide the desktop elements on mobile, and viceversa, and apply a custom animation for mobile.

I mean, is there a way to make the animations happen when the page loads, even the ones that are not in the viewport?

I think @dpamping a visual example is needed in what you are trying to achieve.

No not really, that would be inefficient and pointless (from the point of view of the visitor of that device).