Mobile Layout not working on iPhone after published

Hi there,

I have a problem with the site is showed different on a iPhone when the site is published then when I run a preview on the iPhone.

When previewing the site looks good en exactly as I have build it. I optimized the site for mobile. But when I published the site, the site looks more like a desktop version on my phone then the mobile layout I made.

How can this be fixed?


Hi @GvLisdonk, welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

Do you have a URL we could look at?..


Yes the website is:

Did you auto-scale the 320 device?

yes I did. For what I know I tried everything

Hi @GvLisdonk, welcome!

That is happening because your domain provider or web host have set up domain redirection using a technique called “frames”. This is sometimes down to work around a limitation of some web hosts that allow a single domain.

The way it’s set up is not compatible with mobile devices and can’t be fixed. is actually a frame-based wrapper for – and if you visit the latter you’ll find that it is correctly responsive.

What you need to do to fix this is to get proper web hosting for, without redirection.

Hi @duncan,

Well that makes sense. This answer saved me allot of time haha. I’m going to change the hosting of my site. Thanks you helped me out!

Just getting back to you @GvLisdonk about auto scaling the 320 device…

You will most likely (once you are on a new hosting server) still have readability issues on the 320. For me I always custom layout the 320 device so it properly works for mobile.

Mooie website en leuk professioneel filmpje (Premiere?). Doet het goed op mijn mobiel.