Mobile menu won´t give me the option to choose scroll point for items

Hello! I just ran into a problem… I´m creating a mobile menu, as I did many times before I want it to correspond each menu item with a scroll point. Problem now that never happened to me is, I don´t have an option to choose scrollpoint. It´s fixed and I can´t make it do anything else.
I included picture (sorry it´s in german). I worked with scroll points before on mobile menus and never had this. Fun side fact is the scroll points I included don´t even show up if I look at the layers of the page… Anyone got any idea whats wrong here?

Thank you in advance

Hi there.

Yes, that’s by design. No way to change that.

Did you start your menu with the automatic option? Try to add manually a new item to the menu. Then you can set the on-click action with the desired page and scroll location.

Have a nice weekend.
Mr. F.

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