Mobile site struggling to load properly


Hey everyone, thrilled to be here in the community - absolutely love Sparkle and what we can do with it.

I’ve just got a site that’s still a WIP but it seems to struggle to load / the scrolling freezes a lot on mobile (I suspect something to do with the animations).

Anyone experienced anything like this?



It’s not loading properly on my iPad. To many errors. I think you better get in touch with Sparkle, sending the file from within the app to them.


You seem to have many many errors in the page from the Typeform embed you use there. I’m not really sure what the source of the problem is, you should ask them.




Ah good find! Thanks everyone


I’m also having issues with my TypeForm slowing down my page.


Had a chat to Typeform support and it was an error on their end with all embedded Typeform scripts - it’s fixed now, and my site is working perfectly.

@YoungMogoal hope that sorts it for you too!