Mobile usability

Hi Duncan,
With Sparkle 2, I was making my website for 960px only: it was not responsive, but it was mobile friendly.
With Sparkle 3, thank’s to the new automatic fonction, I have added all devices, from 1200 to 320 px. Sparkle says it’s ok, but Google says it’s not: for example, this page is not mobile friendly anymore (it was before).

Do you have any idea/solution?
Thank you

The auto-scaling is best used only in intermediate devices like 768 and 480, you should create a custom layout for 320 and adapt the size of elements so that text is readable and tap targets are large enough.

Ok. Do you think it’s possible in an automatic way? Without changing each page? (too much work)
It looks simple for the police size, complicated for the size of the tap target.

With freeform layout there’s no way to know what the relationship between elements on the page is, so there’s no way to make it automatic.

sounds logic
thank you