More Elegant Photo Gallery

The built-in gallery plug-in for photos works well, but it’s very limiting in it’s final presentation. Such as, you can’t change the size, color etc of the arrows, and there’s no option for a vertical scroll etc.

What I’m after is an alternate method for displaying multiple photos. Something where the viewer can scroll through the catalog of photos or, have thumbnails on a page where they can “zoom” into whatever pic they want to see larger. (I tried a rollover but it’s limited)

Any suggestions to take photo gallery to the next level?



i have used this already successfully →


I think this is on the Sparkle list for the future. Here’s a thread that does present different ways of presenting. May help a bit.


Time to experiment; thanks guys.

I found my solution - and it’s built into Sparkle!!! Just never paid close enough attention to the feature: “Zoom to Lightbox”. Brilliant.

The key however, is to make sure the image - while scaled down for the web - has enough pixels to zoom to the limit of the page size. Initially some of my test images wouldn’t scale up to the maximum possible, and then I noticed the images didn’t have enough pixels to scale up properly.

But it’s that simple!! Another fantastic, easy & fast tool right inside Sparkle.

You did it again, Duncan!!! Thx.