More than 1 file in the sparkle directory

Hi eveyone

1 - I made a new version of a site. When I was working on the modifications and saved them in a new directory, some files appear 3 or 4 times with a different name. See attached files. And when I save the file on the server, everything is ok, the files are not duplicated.

Can you tell me why files appeared 3 or 4 times with different names in the same directory


2 - and when the changes were done I tried to upload the site but I couldn’t, I got an error message that the configuration was wrong. AND I was using the same settings as the old version. And after several tries, everything was blocked, I couldn’t even upload the old version anymore. So I communicated with the web service provider and we were able to make the necessary corrections but with the IP address of the site instead of the site name as proposed in the upload parameters. How could this have happened. Unfortunately, I do not have a screenshot of the error in question.

And when will the new version be?
Thank you very much.

@Antoine, The duplication of the images but with slightly different names is to do with how many devices you have selected for your website. When a User views your website online Sparkle will present the best optimised image for the mobile device which is smaller (in dimensions) and lighter in file size than the tablet version or desktop version.

With your error message on publishing it might be best you run it past @duncan to see what could have caused the issue.

Answer to Q 2 - and maybe Q1 (When I was working on the modifications and saved them in a new directory)

If you are talking about publishing settings:

If you set up Publishing like this: (1)

And then change your publishing settings (1) to this: (2)

You will receive an error message and Sparkle will prompt you to choose a directory.

To avoid this you should delete (1) and re-enter your publishing settings with (2).

Hope that makes sense.

Thank you greenskin. I see that files are not same size, I mean kilobytes size. And I configure the site for mobile and PCs. Now I understand. Thanks again.

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Thank you Chris… Now that I can upload the files with FTP address, I think I’ll continue like this.

But if I even have some problems to upload files, I’ll think of you solutions.

Thanks again