More than one blog on the same Sparkle-site?

Hello Folks,

Is it possible to add more than one blog to a Sparkel website?

I know how to use tags, but I miss categories. So to dedicate a blog to a certain ‘group’ of subjects would be a solution.

Can I make more than one blog within one Sparkle website? If so, how can I do that?

How is a category different than a tag? It really feels like it’s all labels assigned in different dimensions, and tags can be categories as well.

Anyway yes it’s possible to create multiple blogs.

Yep @Jurrien, you sure can!

If you go to the very top of Sparkle’s UI you’ll see the blog icon.
By adding a “Blog Post” you will get your first Blog Index page and Blog post page.

Now if you go back to the icon and click it you will see next to Add Blog Post you have a toggle.
By clicking it you will see that you can add a new Blog.

Thank you very much. As always, it’s easier than it’s looks at first sight.

Duncan, I see a category as a groep (and a tag as an attribute). And as a way to shorten a list of blog articles (with the +/- in the left column)