Move Button and Pop-up same time

Hello sparkler, is it possible to move a trigger at the same time as its pop-up? I have a reference list with pop-ups whose order changes often. i then always have to move the trigger and then put the pop-up back in the right place, which is a lot of work. am grateful for any tip. Kind regards Steffi

@Steffi do you have a link so I can see what you have already?..

I am working on it. But if you move the button or trigger or whatever the thing is called, that opens the pop-up connot be moved together with the pop-up itself. Or is there any way?

@Steffi because the elements on the Sparkle canvas are fixed there is a bit more manual work needed…

You have the main canvas. The Popups also work on a canvas like the main one. I’m assuming your Popups are the Normal type, meaning they behave the same as the elements on the main canvas. These two canvases don’t work in unison with the Popups set to Normal.

So when you move the main canvas elements around you also have to adjust the Popup canvas elements to keep the alignment.

It would be nifty if a Popup element could be paired with a main canvas element so when the main canvas element moves the Popup element follows.

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Thank you. I hoped, there was another opportunity. :smiling_face_with_tear: