Moving a Page between Sparkle files


I was wondering if it was possible to move one page from one Sparkle file to another Sparkle file?

Thank you!

Dunno but easy answer is to Select All on the first page, Copy it all and then go over to the newer page and paste. Bingo!

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Thank you @macmancape, great idea! :blush: :+1:

The copy-paste worked overall for the format and layout of the original page but for some reason during the paste the colors got messed up. Transparent backgrounds/fills became gray, blue fills became gray too. I have no idea why… :thinking:

This is because Sparkle maintains a color palette per document. When you go to choose a color in document A, let”s say that the top left color is blue. But in document B, the top left color is red. When you copy and paste, what was blue in document A will be red when pasted in document B.


Hi @habboud thank you for your helpful explanation. :+1:

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It would be a nice feature when doing a copy and past from one document to a new document that the colour palette is brought along to the new document.

Of course that probable won’t work if you have already start assigning colour to the new document like what @habboud has pointed out.

Hi @greenskin indeed that would be a nice feature. :+1:

As a feature request, that I mentioned to Duncan. An import page feature would be great, and very useful. Obviously the complexity of coding this would not be easy I would imagine, because it would also have to relate and update the styles that were used in both project pages etc amongst other things!

Maybe one day Sparkle will have this feature!