Moving blog posts to ARCHIVED

Is it as simple as having 2 blogs on the website? Separate sections.

I post into the 1st blog with the toolbox icon button. Live review with Safari.

Then click/grab that post in the sidebar and drag it to the 2nd blog (named Archived Blogs) that was created at the bottom of the sidebar using that same toolbox icon button at the top.

Save with the 1st Blog Index page highlighted.

Live review with Safari - it seems to have worked !

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Can you give me your website so I can have a peek at it?

Still in development. Not yet published.

How about 3 blogs on one website ?

I say: Go voor it!

Nothing posted yet, but I DO have the 3 blogs on one website working.

Now, how to change layer order in each blog, so new blog posts use the new setting?


Joseph O’Laughlin

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ok,the skeleton of the 3 blog website is finally posted on Go-Daddy.

The point was to provide blog structures so a blog entry in the leftmost General blog could be manually sorted into Archived or Home (or deleted). Otherwise the general blog list would get overloaded too quickly.

comments ;^)

Joseph O’Laughlin

I’m not getting it?
It is something I wouldn’t recommend to a client - having their blog post entries listed in a dropdown menu. Sparkle 3 with its new blog functionality has built in pagination allowing for the older blog posts to move down the list but still be findable.

Also you can make your blog posts searchable giving a user another means of finding something relevant to what they are looking for…

I would have to be taken by the hand and shown how to do it.

My way can be built by anybody.

Just getting to grips with the program’s capabilities.

Joseph O’Laughlin

"Vrooom ! not? OK, the short form of the 3logs4site.sparkle is published at . Still a work in progress. Taking suggestions.

Joseph O’Laughlin

I think your website is a bit flat for being a World shaman.
I do not see any connection with a shaman.
Maybe that is because I am a visual person.
I would say more pictures and more balance would be nice.
Hope you do not think I am harsh.