Moving my website

Here we go :slight_smile:

I currently have a domain name (gavinswoodpile) that I purchased from years ago. My website (not published with Sparkle) has been hosted at 1&1 for the past few years. I am changing my host to Bluehost and am now using Sparkle. In order close the account at 1&1 I would like redirect from GKG to Bluehost using the Name Servers they provided: and

Then, after I set up the publishing protocol in Sparkle and hit the Publish button, will my site be published to Bluehost, or is there yet more I need to do before that happens?

I have had the website since 1996 but have not gone through this exact process, hence my fuzzyness.

Many thanks in advance.

Yeah that’s it more or less. Except there’s an unpredictable amount of time during which the domain is transferring, or actually variable depending on where you are on the web. Some people will request the domain and get the old one, others will get the new one.

The catch is you need to have the domain settled in the new place to publish from Sparkle.

So maybe the best option is to publish in the old location and copy the files over as they are (using an FTP app). This way you have the exact same site before and after. Once the name server switch has happened you can then publish to the new location.

Duncan, thank you for the response.

I am not sure what you mean by “Some people will request the domain and get the old one, others will get the new one.”

The DNS is a distributed system. A pair of servers has authority on what your domain resolves to, but others around the internet store a cache of that information, that expires according to a time that’s stored in the DNS record. Who’s authoritative for your domain is also cached.

So depending on which DNS server you query you might get a different answer.

When I purchased the hosting service from Bluehost, they sent me this information, which assigned me a free Domain and Host FTP information. I will not be using that domain name, I will be using In the Sparkle publishing window I assume I would not be using the information they have provided since my domain is Gavinswoodpile not

You will need to agree with your new web host about domain names. They need to configure it in their servers so you can’t assume it will work.