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I need to post page updates that have both text and images to the top of a page. When I do this using text/image boxes I have to realign the images to the text all the way down to the bottom. After 3-4 updates that becomes fairly lengthy doing the entire page. Is there a way to add page space at the top for tex/image boxes without disturbing the alignment of the text image boxes below.

@jimjumper, The Sparkle canvas works as what they call a fix layout not a responsive layout like what you are mentioning. So the fixed layout is more manual in nature but as a positive it gives you exactly what you have in the browser! :slight_smile:

It is more to do with rethinking in how you display and update your page information that will make it easier for you, rather than having Sparkle auto rearrange things.

@jimjumper I have the same challanges and had hoped that Sparkle would offer a way of editing similar to Pages… but it does not. I now handle it by making the view smaller (CMD -) until I have a good overview then make the page larger and move text and pictures block by block. After that I enlarge the view (CMD +) and do a final edit. A bit more work but it works for me.

Yes, that is a minor disadvantage in sparkle for some users. I don’t like these overly long pages anyway and prefer to create a lot of shorter pages and a folder structure. That may be too much extra work for others because you need several menus to navigate. But it makes updates easier, I think.

I’ve had similar issues.
What I’ve been doing is grouping all the existing text boxes into one chunk, then dragging them down lower on the page until I have room at the top.

If you then keep those text boxes grouped, it’s much easier to update the page later.

Sparkle is not a word processor app.
But here’s another idea for you. What if you made up a Pages doc and did all of your text edits in there… then copy and pasted from Pages into Sparkle?
Hmm… I think I will try that myself!

Unfortunately, the raw material I am adding is a physical newsletter page. The images align with the text similar to sidebar captions. I experimented with “select all” and “cut” for completed pages and then adding the new page at the top. But it still attaches the image boxes and text boxes separately and the alignment is incorrect when pasted back to the page under the new material. It looks like I’ll just do the material I am adding as PDF pages and paste them as images but the pixelation is awful doing that. And I won’t be able to use a keyword search in the text either.
Or I may break down the Sparkle page into multiple pages by year. But by Dec of the current year I’ll be physically moving some 3-400 images for the final page alignment…
For people like real estate agents that need to do this for new listings how do they keep up?

Thats the nicest way I’ve ever seen to say “Sparkle doesn’t do that.” :grinning:

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The “copy and paste” idea doesn’t work. It only copies either the text or the images, not both. So it still comes out unaligned.

Hi, What I might do given this situation would be to place a short paragraph or perhaps a simple title, summarizing what is in a given PDF on the page, then link to the full PDF for folks to download and view.

Not very elegant but it would do the trick and be easy to expand as needed with new documents as they come along.


Actually, the other tip I got was to set the page up as a Blog page. The entries stack like a word processing format and if you delete the info on the page identifying it as a Blog page it works well. The only annoyance is that setting up the menu format is a little wonky but that is only visible to the builder and not to the user. Works for me anyway! :grinning: