Mp3 Auto play in Safari

Safari deprecated auto play for audio a couple of years ago, I know.
But just wanna throw out this question to our community to see if anyone has cooked up a workaround? Some line of code to insert in the page to force audio to play without any user interaction.

Here’s why. My wife designed an educational page for a kids’ math lesson on “Fact Families”.
It was set up to play her quick instruction to a kid as soon as they open the page after the homepage:

The idea is to click on a street, then a house, and hear about that math “fact family”.
As soon as the user chooses a street, they hear my wife talk about it, inviting them to click on a house to proceed.

This works fine in both Chrome and Firefox but hits a dead end in Safari.
Any ideas you have would be most appreciated!
(I know this isn’t a Sparkle issue - Sparkle doesn’t support image maps - but still hope you can shed some light on this audio thing for her. Perhaps you have encountered this issue in your own site? )
Thanks in advance!

Hi, I don’t know the answer to your question, but looking at your website I have one advise: don’t open every link in a new page, but keep it on the same page.