Mp3 player too big

Why can’t I make the mp3 player smaller? My web page on an iPhone looks like the player is so big the titles are hidden behind them. I have many mp3s on my pages. if you want to check. Thanks, Les

Hi Les, I think you need to spend some time on the layout for mobile phones. Adjusting the menu options bigger letters etc. On my iPhone 6 I could barely read things, but I at least could touch the buttons from the MP3 Player :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Take the time and work on the mobile phone layout, it is worth doing it. btw. love your songs !

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Hello @Leshooper

Yes, you will have to adjust the layout for the mobile phones, just as @Martin suggested.

Sparkle scales down all elements of the website and you have to rearrange them the way you want. So that means moving the title below the player and maybe adjust the font size for the titles (just for the mobile layout).

As far as I know, you can’t make the player any smaller right now than
Width 292 pixels
Height 54 pixels

We need to add more options to the audio player, sorry for the limitations. I’m afraid it’s currently limited to that size, as @Shadowfax mentions.