Mp3 problems in preview mode

In my preview of three browsers, Firefox (new) can’t play 2 of my 25 mp3s but Safari and Chrome plays everything. After checking the settings, I can’t find any logical reason for this. Any ideas?

Hello @Leshooper

Does this also happen when you upload the website? Maybe it’s just not working in preview.

Otherwise my guess would be there is something different with those 2 mp3 files.

Maybe Firefox is more “picky” when it comes to mp3 settings, I don’t know.

Are all of your 25 mp3 files compressed/encoded with the same settings?

Encoding mode (ABR, CBR, VBR)
Sampling frequency (Hz)
Bitrate (kbps)

Suggest you get the Mac audio app: Amadeus.
It will open any format - even videos - and covert to any audio format, with many mp3 options.
It’s also an excellent and intuitive editor.
It may help solve your problems.
It’s Swiss shareware, available in common languages. The developer is very responsive to users’ questions, too!

Thanks Shadowfax. It only does it in preview. I have yet to upload the site so I don’t know yet. Maybe I can do it and then fix it after the fact.
I need to find out what address to upload my new site.

Thanks for that suggestion. I will do that. My coding is similar in all my mp3s, yet the 2 in question is a mystery. It was suggested that maybe the problem is with preview and not the site itself. Perhaps.

Maybe it will work once the files are on the server …
We will find out.
Otherwise please tell us and we’ll try and find a solution. Maybe other users can help as well.

I had another idea: Those 2 mp3 files, that don’t play in Firefox … how are they named? Anything different in their names compared to the others? Do they have names with “special characters” that Firefox cannot recognise?

I’m not sure, I’m just guessing, trying to narrow down the source of possible errors.

Thanks Shadowfax.The names of the 2 mp3s are “PianoAlbum” and “Mirage”.
I may have changed the title from the original, but it is in my project file lined up with the correct reference name. If I delete and re enter, will that possibly fix this?

DOn’t forget Safari nd Crome has played it fine. Les

Thank you @Leshooper

The names should be okay. You can always try to delete and re-enter, no harm in testing that. Or to re-encode the files.

Yes, that is puzzling … Chrome and Safari play the files, but Firefox has a problem with them.

In the meantime I did a Google search for “Firefox not playing mp3 files” but I haven’t found anything helpful yet.

This is quite a brain twister.

Never mind. I may just publish the site assuming one or two sites may have problems. Thanks for all your help. Les

PS You don’t have anything to do with the band, Shadowfax, do you. A good friend of mine, Charlie Bisharat was in that band.


No, I’m afraid not. I don’t have anything to do with the band “Shadowfax”.
I am from Switzerland. And Shadowfax, of course, is the name of Gandalf’s horse in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.

So good luck with your website. Who knows, it may work without a glitch once it is online.

Best wishes from Switzerland,

@Leshooper, The idiosyncrasies of browsers.
Maybe something in this link can help you resolve the issue because I’m thinking it must be a Firefox setting rather then a Sparkle issue -

Thanks Greenskin. But I noticed that the mp3s I get to play on Firefox are all similar codecs, but some don’t playback. If it were all I would worry, but the ones that don’t are the same
as others that do. Very confusing for non-techies like me.

Thanks for the help… I may just accept that some things worn;'t work
on some web browsers and call it a day. Les