Multilingual Website Configuration/ support

I’m trying to build a website with multi-language support in mind without having to rely on in-browser auto-translation, I haven’t been able to find clear directions on how to do this in Sparkle. As of now I have created duplicate pages in the sparkle project with the language setting changed but am unsure what this actually does, ie will the website automatically load the correct language when accessed from a supported country-specific IP ?

Maybe you can find some useful information here …

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I would create your primary site first and then duplicate the sparkle project file for each language you want to create. You can then change the text in each language version. Have the language versions upload to their specific language folder on your server - name the language folders with their ISO language code.

Once the versions are all in place, you will need a language switch of some sort on each page of every version that will redirect visitors to the appropriate pages in other languages.

The link that @Shadowfax referred to in his post also contains one of my posts in which I explain how to have your site automatically direct users to one of your language options based on the system language of the user - it may be an additional useful option.

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