Multipage form?

Is it possible to create a multipage form (two pages).

  1. On Homepage should be two fields [date] [mail] and the button to continue [CONTINUE]
  2. When clicking on the button continue, visitor should get to the special form to fill the whole needed information.

Would that be possible?
Tx for ideas.

@ETK, No not really…
But what about if you use the form and the button takes you to a page, usually a thank you page but in your case that other page and then on that page you can have the form but Sparkle doesn’t populate input fields so the client would have to fill their name and email in again.

So as you can see it isn’t really a feature of Sparkle as yet.

Your information inspired me for an idea, but I first have to program that :slightly_smiling_face:

On the page, I want on top set two entry fields: p.e. mail and date.
On the same page in the footer is the full content form included.
By klicking on a button in the header, a java-scripts would be startet, which reads the two entrys an put them into the form on the bottom of the page. The last step would be to scroll down.

When i manage to do that, I will publish the code here.
Tx. for helping

Hey - it just works.

  1. You must have an answer-site with a correctly working form.
  2. In the header I inserted two text fields
  3. In the header I inserted an external code box, containing the javascript an the html code with the link to call the script.

function copyData(){


<a href="javascript:copyData()">GO</a>

Header-Text-Fields name

Footer Text-Field-names

The crollInto Line scrolls to the predefined anchor ‘buchungsanfrage’

Perhaps it would be an idea for duncan to include that as function.
The idea behind is to set an eye-catcher in the head but jump to foot to the form to get all needed information.

  • Klaus

@ETK, Knowing that Sparkle is a no-code application the above would be somewhat beyond most of us, but your working of it is a great solution and one that could give Duncan food for thought! :slight_smile:

FACK: The code should only show for those who understand, what could be possible with Sparkleapp even though it’s a non coding app :slight_smile: