Multiple Favicons?

Hey, Sparkle Hive Mind!

I’d like to have a different favicon used on specific pages. Any thoughts or ideas how to make this work?

Thanks in advance!

@jgoldfoot, Never tried using more than one favicon per website.

From what I know Sparkle isn’t able to do that, and from my end sorry I don’t have any suggestions I can offer! What’s your reasoning behind the question?

@greenskin, sorry, I should have actually explained what I’m trying to achieve…

I work on a site for a company that has two different products they offer. The index for the site is the high level company info (favicon #1). From there, you can click to go to a section to learn about ‘product a’ (favicon #2) or ‘product b’ (favicon #3).

Currently, favicon #1 is being used and appears globally.

I thought perhaps a little script could be embedded on each page that pointed to a directory of favicons? Tried a couple without any luck.

@jgoldfoot, Ok got you…

Yep that is going to be a hard one because Sparkle only allows one favicon per Sparkle file.
I’ve made two websites acting like one ( through a landing page (#1 favicon), where the second website sits on its own server (#2 favicon), but I know this doesn’t help you but maybe it gives you an idea…

Has someone an idea, why my favicons will not show up. In Chrome it shows a black rectangle and in the other browser the icon of plesk… Strange. But maybe someone can give me an idea how to do it.