Multiple "Publishing" Commands causes fault

I have no way of testing the culprit on this one, nor is it a big deal but…

I’ve noticed since v.06 that if you “publish” more than 2 or 3 times in a session that the connection to the host fails, requiring either saving the project and re-starting Sparkle and/or, deleting the publishing cache to re-connect to the hosts communication.

Again, not a big deal since the “fix” is quick and simple but thought I’d mention in case someone else has a similar issue.

Never felt that, it may be host-wise. I publish between 1 to 4 times a session and never received that specific error. I’m using Hostinger - maybe you’re reaching the max on FTP packages received by connection on your host or something?

@producerguyaz, it might be a “handshake” issue?..

There have been pockets of the internet playing up and especially showing extended latency - I’m wondering if it is do do with the internet being rejigged for low level satellite internet like Skynet or OneWeb?..

I myself here in Australia haven’t experienced what you have described.

Hi @producerguyaz

fwiw - i usually try if i am able to reproduce the issue by using a similar process
In your case i would use something like a sftp app (i.e. Filezilla) and upload a folder, with several sub folders and files, and see if you
experience the same issue.

btw - you also just upload the Sparkle publishing folder :slight_smile: