Multiple styles in text box

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I’ve gone through the community questions but, just for the sake of clarity, should I worry about having multipiple styles within a textbox? For example, I have a paragraph, a tagline and a link contained in one text box. Each have a style assigned. Having imported my page from a current site the html selector box is greyed out with, what i assume is, a current css stylename from the imported project so I can’t select auto.

My take is as long as I restyle those three elements within the textbox the rendering will take care of itself, in other words, I don’t have to separate these elements into individual text boxes. Is this correct?

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The importer should set a default style, that’s the underlying issue. Once you set a text style the HTML Tag will be selectable.

It is definitely possible to have multiple styles within a text box.

What is unclear in the Sparkle interface, and we need to clarify (or fix), is that the the HTML Tag applies to the entire style and all text using that style. It doesn’t apply just to the current text block or the selected text.


Understood, thank you