Multiple URLs for one website

Hi Experts,

Just a quick question. Is it possible to publish one website to multiple URLs? Are there limitations?

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

That is am interesting question @sinoevil!

Your Sparkle project is assigned to the one Publishing settings per URL. If you had sub domains of the the one URL you could have multiples.

In your case you would copy your Sparkle document say 3 times if you had three distinct URLs. Then you would use each document and set it up to publish to one of the three URLs…

Hi @sinoevil,

if the purpose of this is to publish to a staging location before publishing to the actual live website, you can add multiple publish locations to the same project from the publishing section of the site settings.

This works fine, except there’s only one web address communicated to search engines, also known as the “canonical” address, configured in the general section of the site settings. So this is why this only works when one of the locations is the real one, and the other(s) are for testing.

If what you want to have multiple identical websites you can duplicate the project file, change at least the web address, and publish them each to their own location.

In this second case while technically everything is sound, search engines don’t care for duplicated content so there would be no advantage at best, or search engines might consider it spam and penalize the sites.

I might be interpreting the question incorrectly, but if you want multiple URLs that are different domains to ‘land’ on the same website, you could purchase those domain names and set them up to forward to the same website, which is hosted only once. For example, my client who has a website at also has a shortform domain — the destination website is the same. Built with Sparkle of course!

@antonygravett, your latest post makes things more clearer!

Yes your Sparkle website would be Published to your main domain/hosting server.
Your other domains that have been purchased are referred to as “parked domains” and is parked on the hosting platform you have your Sparkle website Published to.

With the parked domains you would perform a permanent redirect to your main domain which is done in your cPanel (or whatever your host calls it) where you have your website Published. These parked domain do not have any website behind them but will always be re-directed onto your published Sparkle website.