Mummy Blogger Needs Helping Again

Hello Everyone,

I am so sorry to have to ask for assistance again.

I’m having issues with the tablet and mobile views of the index page (of a new book blog section I made last night). Nothing shows up. I went to layers and it looks as if the boxes are all there (without the written content) but as soon as I try to click on them, nothing happens. I’ve not had this issue before.

The blog index page not showing up correctly in 768 and mobile views:

Could someone please assist this damsel in distress?

Many thanks in advance!

I had a quick look @jazzbird

In both your tablet and mobile the footer is just sitting below your navigation. I wonder if you pulled your footer down the page if that would resolve your mystery?..

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Hi jazzbird.

The documentation for a blog does not say that there can be only one blog per website. So, why not having 2 or more blogs.

But i would move each blog in its own folder. The summary page of the bookshop blog is not named blog-index.php. Maybe that’s a reason for an error.

Did you rearrange the blog pages for the 768 and 320 device? The index/RSS as well?

Mr. F.

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Thank you @greenskin and @Mr_Fozzie! Your help is so much appreciated. When I went back into Sparkle this evening I saw there was an update, and I’ve no idea if this was the reason, but suddenly I was able to see all the elements after updating. Phew! Still working on the blog but at least the index page for the new book area is okay!

You are both lovely!!!

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@jazzbird Viewing on an iPad in landscape. I noticed on you “Books for Mom Page” some of the images have moved down and are covering some other book selections.
Also your drop down menu is being covered by a book title.
Just a couple of things if your making a fix-it list.

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Thank you @Woodrow. I’m experiencing so many problems with the embed function and Amazon. Seems okay in wide desktop mode but everything else is all over the place. Still figuring it out!

Images are lining up now. Looks good. I like the use of hamburger menus on full pages. I might suggest moving that hamburger item upwards to the top bar, next to the Facebook and Instagram icons. On the home page the icon becomes lost in the graphics of your header.
I’d also suggest making the hamburger icon white so one can find it. This can be done in an editor. I’ve included a white icon.

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Oh thank you so much @woodrow! You’re very kind. Shall implement your suggestions tomorrow (past bedtime here in Oz). And thank you for the hamburger icon. It looks fabulous and will be a better match for my site.