My buggy asset problem

retitled to reflect my issue

have lost my sparkle document when I setup 2nd site using the same template my fault I know. but i’m sure i saved it somewhere with a different name

Now my new document doesn’t even work at all, downloads do not work, just pictures on a page , spent hours back and forth to ftp for nothing

Having zero help makes this not a good choice for new website designers.

just to know why my 2nd web site is not working the same as the first one i created would help

click to download is not working and the ftp section is setup exactly the same

Hi @DandroidMKII, not sure why you say zero help? We discussed other topics in this forum, and over email.

I’m sorry I just don’t follow what you are saying. What’s the download you are referring to? Pictures on a page? How is FTP related? Sorry not sure what you mean.

Is the page published anywhere I can look?

retitled as my problem appears to be buggy assets rather than sparkle not working

a computer that has been on constantly

and not understanding how to publish correctly

If you reference external assets, those assets need to be where you have linked them.

This is not about Sparkle publishing, it’s about placing the assets in the right place.

I created a website A using hosting information the correct way it would seem
I then attempted to create another website B using the same steps as A but deleted or lost website A in the process somehow. Then my assets were not loading on website B, also I had some issue previewing and publishing the site Locally and online, I noticed slightly different hosting Information too, only difference was I purchased a 1year of hosting

Anyhow through some troubleshooting I discovered that my problem was incomplete or buggy assets and me not fully understanding certain aspects of web development