My first site made with Sparkle

Hi there, this is my first site made with Sparkle. Your feedback is welcome. I used to work with Muse, but now i am happy with Sparke. :blush:


Nicely done, clean layout.

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Thank you. I am fed up with overloaded websites. This is why I started using Sparkle :wink:

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@Steffi, Not bad! :slight_smile:
If anything “Telefon” on mobile I think would look more consistent with the rest by centre(ing) it.

Simplicity in most cases is out the door, but Sparkle is simple and extremely powerful in the same sentence. Also an X-Muse and haven’t looked back! :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I was thinking about that before. I might give it a try. :blush:


All in all, a beautiful piece of work. It is clearly and coherently arranged.

Desktop version: no complaints

Mobile version: there’s still room for improvement

  • this version is also displayed in portrait mode on my tablet. I assume there is no 768 px layout.
  • the hamburger menu looks a bit lost and lonely in the upper yellow bar and could be bigger for some fingers.
  • maybe the company logo (or just the company name) could be placed in the bar and removed in the footer
  • the frame around the drop down elements of the menu is transparent and the menu looks like a blind that is not fully closed
  • I would put a slightly darker frame around the elements so that the background does not show through.

My thoughts
Mr. F.

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Wow, thank You! There is no 768 layout, we thought we don’t need it. I had so many changes in text and images (1000000) that I was glad to finally publish it. When I make the next changes, I will take care of your comments. Thank you. :+1:

Super geworden! Gratulation :clinking_glasses:

Grüße aus München, Carola

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Lovely website. Well done. Clean and not overloaded with too much information. Can’t read a word of it, but I kind of understood it in a completely foreign language. Excellent!

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Vielen Dank, das freut mich!

Thank You very much. :blush:

Very well done. I’ve got a client and suggesting a one page site.
I can’t believe how many in Canada want so much text on web pages. When they want a lot of text I always suggest a link to a PDF newsletter.
Love the site.

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I know. Everybody wants too much text and nobody reads it :wink:

Hi Fozzie, I changed some little details. Thx. and cheers!

Beautiful site on desktop. I would take a look at the pictures with text. I know it is a link but I can hover over the text and not clickable (Safari browser). Splitting hairs I’m sure but it is every picture. Maybe send/push back text behind pic?. Again, beautiful design and layout.

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Some of the images and text is overlapping on the top menu bar and bottom bar… you can correct it by putting top bar and bottom bar in the front.

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Thank you, I saw it last night. I still do not understand, why layers change even if you do not touch them. :woman_shrugging:

Thank you again. I do not know what you mean. The images are just getting bigger by klicking them. :woman_shrugging:

Hi Steffi.

I see. Looks better now. But you could improve the menu for the mobil page. When you hover over a menu item the border disappears, i guess. I would check the hover (mouse over) setting: background color, border and text color. Maybe you can change the colors slightly. That makes it easier to see where you are.

You fixed the menu issue with not being on the very top level. Next, did you tick “lock” in the arrange selection? I would try this for both menus.

Mr. F.

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I worked with Muse and found it to be Designer friendly and I cannot unstandardised why they ceased to develop it, how does Sparkle Pro compare? Your site looks good