My first site made with Sparkle

Of course i am missing Muse ans I don’t know, why they stopped support for it either. I tested many alternative tools and decided to work with Sparkle. Sparkle generates a better code. I havent used Sparkle or a long time, but it is easy to handle. I have a little pain with consent stuff, but muse has no (good working) opportunity for this problem as well. I am quite happy with Sparkle :blush:

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Hi Steffi.

The only Muse i know is Pampel :smiley:

You made some changes in the menu. May i suggest that you remove the red mouse over frame in the desktop version. White text only looks much more elegant.

For the mobile version it is ok (finger friendly)

Have a nice weekend.

Mr. F.

I’ll do it once in a while. I did not know, the change is on desktop as well. How comes, that some changes are only on one device and some are not. I could not find out. :upside_down_face:

Deine Seite ist toll geworden. Kannst du mir verraten, wie du es geschafft hast, dass deine Bilder und Texte bis zum Rand des Bildschirms reichen? Bei mir ist immer links und rechts ein einfarbiger Streifen. Danke!

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Merci. Du gehst auf “Anordnen”, Häkchen bei "Volle Seitenbreite. Bei Stil habe ich “Skalieren” und “Füllen” ausgewählt. Viel Erfolg!

Wirkliche eine schöne Seite, sehr sauber und klar. Kompliment!

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Hi Sparklers, I just uploaded the first relaunch of the Site. Du you find any bugs or mistakes? Cheers Steffi

Hi Steffi. I’m viewing on an iPad. Looks great. A small item, the logo in the top bar appears only if you move down by about 20 pixels. The logo should appear instantly with your drop down menu.
Perhaps there’s a function on the logo.

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Hi Woodrow, that is the function :wink: For the Logo ist so prominent on the home site, i decided to show it by scrolling.
Thank you for checking the site.
Cheers Steffi

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Hi @Steffi

take a look at
There is some potential to increase.

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Thanks a lot, I think the performance is pretty good already. For a few kilobytes I save myself the trouble of creating extra mobile images. I already have so much hidden content in the mobile version. But what I’m really interested in is how to reduce unused CSS or how to compress CSS. The problem always shows me seobility.
Cheers Steffi

The unused CSS is CSS used in other pages in the site.

As of Sparkle 4 the css is created per folder, so if you move all other pages in folders you can have the home page only load its own css.

That said loading the css for the top level pages is completely sensible in a wider site-wide view, only if you narrowly look at a single page it’s not.

I don’t think the suggestion to remove the CSS of other pages is necessarily a good suggestion, shaving maybe 2-3% of the whole page size, at the expense of slower loading time for subsequent pages.

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Like your work. Do you do freelance?

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Hi Natchmo, thank you! I work independently. After many years fighting with other tools i found Sparkle. :slight_smile:

I wrote an email to you :slight_smile: