My First Sparkle Web Page

Hello, brand new to Sparkle.
I’ve been looking for something like this for quite some time, and finally I found Sparkle. Hooray, so happy!

I would really appreciate any feedback on my first one page site. Hoping to build on this by adding a blog where I’ll be sharing my techniques for using cutting machines.


congratulations. your products are very beautiful. The software has an e-commerce feature that connects directly. you should definitely try.

ecwid :+1:

you can look Page 1

Thank you. I have only purchased Sparkle One license for now to see how things go with this new app. So I don’t think this includes any e-commerce feature?

Sparkle One I think it’s possible

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I love your site and your patterns/designs! I never knew something like this existed.

Design wise your site drew me in immediately so you’ve done a fine job.

My only comment would be to add share buttons (as I immediately wanted to Tweet about your designs) and a Pinterest button on your images.

I’ll forward your site onto a few of my creative girlfriends.


Gosh thank you jazzbird! And yes, I should definitely add share buttons. Thanks for pointing that out :grinning:

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I love your site and your creative work. If it is okay I would only suggest something small with a big positive impact for your site: you should consider installing an ssl certificate on your hosting account.
Nowadays it it quite important for google. Most modern hosting companies offer free certificates given out by a project called lets encrypt.

All the best



Thank you Lennart, that is a good point. I must look into getting that sorted!