My first upgrade

I am wanting to upgrade to the newest Sparkle but I don’t see an upgrade option anywhere on the site nor on the post Duncan made about it.

What’s the simplest way to upgrade without messing with all my activation of a bought program?

I am on the Mac App Store version, but you should see something similar here when you click Sparkle in the menu bar and you can then go with the option you want to.


Hi @Mortgageguy,

the AppStore version of Sparkle is updated via the AppStore itself. Moreover Apple’s distribution of app updates is inconsistent, they show up at different times. They generally should show up within a week from the release. You can go to the updates section of the AppStore (bottom-left icon in the window) and refresh that page by clicking in it and pressing CMD-R. Another thing to try is to log out from the Apple ID account and log back in.

If you have Sparkle from our website, it will offer the upgrade when you relaunch it, or you can find the “Check for updates” option in the Sparkle top level menu.

Just a reminder that the two versions are identical, but are not interchangeable, they have different licenses and you can’t use one with the license from the other.

Nothing about your projects or activation will be messed up as long as you upgrade it from the same channel.


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