My first work with sparkle


Many many thanks to the sparkle team.
really cool this software !



Welcome to the party :sunglasses:

Really clever and welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

Beau boulot, original et réussi :metal:t3:

Very well thought out! I love your bold, airy style. On your portfolio you are showcasing excellent design with outstanding typography.

thanks a lot for your nice comment.
are you a graphic designer too ?

Thanks again.

Thanks for sharing. I’m rebuilding both my sites (moving away from WiX) and your site has given me some function ideas I plan to use in mine.
Good work, bravo.

You’re welcome! Yes, I’m a graphic designer too.
I’ve nearly finished my own (long time postponed) website when I discovered your site. This inspired me to think about it again. So I decided to start over and give my site a complete overhaul to make it more engaging. Soon I’ll put a link here…