My links in bold in the menu with mouseover

By wanting to put the links of my menu in bold with mouse hover, it seems that it is not (still) possible? I created this image to better understand my wish for interesting settings …

The only way I can think of to achieve this result you want is to make individual buttons in Sparkle for each link in your menubar…buttons which offer mouseover options such as bold and/or color changes.

Is there not a bold or black face available from the font family you are using?

Try this: instead of specifying the “Regular” weight of your font and then clicking the bold button, simply specify the “Bold” or “Heavy” or “Black” weight of your font.

I noticed that you are using a Mono width font. Does it have a bold weight? If not, even the Bold button will have no effect, and you might consider using a different font family with a variety of weights.

obviously, but then it’s not really a menu … thank you for this idea.