My new site online

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Interesting creative work.

I see two things on the website with room for improvement.

  1. In the title of the gallery a filler text appears below the text “Cliquez sur l’image pour l’avoir et la voir en grand.”:

I do not know whether this is on purpose, given the similarity between the graphics of the filler text and your own creative work, or whether it is a mistake.
If it was to be used as an embellishment for the text, I would use two blocks of text to place them on either side of the actual text, thus avoiding the overlapping of the two blocks of text.

  1. The menu would look better if I made it the same width as the gallery. This would give it a visual continuity on the right and left margins.

Otherwise, nice work!

Well done Saeta,

You’re totally right!
The line of filler text did not should be there! Probably added accidentally.
Concerning the Menu you are totally right… the problem is that, we don’t know why, but sparkle “refuses” to have this menu with that wideness… and hides a part of it…
It was a visual compromise but I have already changed the wide of the gallery